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About us


About us

«We help you to bring your ideas to life» - this motto has been symbolizing the activity of Digl-Design for more than 20 years. Our customers are people using decoupage technique, drawing, gluing, sculpting and people who are keen on doing it wherever they are any possible or impossible moment. We are here for those people who cannot imagine their lives without creativity, for as carried away people as we are ourselves.

A great experience

Nowadays Digl-Design is one of the most reliable, professional and respectable companies supplying hobby craft materials in creative industr . We cooperate with such leading manufacturers as Marabu (Germany), Calambour (Italy), Decopatch (France), Glorex (Switzerland), Viva-Décor (Germany), Rico-Design (Germany), Rayher (Germany), TO DO (Italy).

The best possible range of products

On the basis of our own shop we have been studying the wishes and the needs of our customers for many years and that is why we can offer our clients the widest range of goods and the assortment of the company is always accurately picked up. Both professionals and beginners who have just started seeking their way in creativity choose Digl-Design for the possibility to get individual advice.That is why we are so popular. We are steadily searching for new creative ideas, trends and craft materials. We present not only products , but also various ways of their application. We want everybody to be able to unleash their ideas in creativity.

The wide choice

Decoupage, Decopatch, glass painting, decorating of porcelain, ceramics, silk and fabrics, mosaic technique, materials for home decoration, art pieces, jewelry.... You can find the all necessary materials, tools, accessories and ideas for your craft in our shop.

Quality and safety

The European origin ensures the high quality of all products. The rigid sanitary standards and suppliers standards provide full safety of the materials even for kids.